How to keep a small waist when bulking


I’ve already written some posts about bulking; consciously gaining muscle mass by heavy training and eating loads. Many women want to gain some muscle to grow that booty. Under one condition though; the waist can’t grow too and has to stay tiny. The question I got asked many times was; how do I keep my waist small whilst bulking? Today I’m sharing the answer with you. Continue reading

Different posture, different look!


Fit women in their most charming pose, the internet is overfilled with it. Amazing abs here, a giant ass of there. That this isn’t realistic is being shared more and more. These women share a picture in their best pose next to one in ehm… a not so charming pose. Great that we’re breaking through that wall of fake perfection but are these “uncharming” poses really that much better than posing? Although we’d all love to believe so it’s not always the case. A bad posture can cause some serious issues! Continue reading

Only happy thoughts?


I’m often told by people how much they love my positivity. How amazing it is that I stay positive even during hard times. But am I always positive and cheerful? The last months have been difficult and I decided to share my thoughts and feelings with you. Super personal but also kinda necessary. Cause yes, even those who are positive have difficult periods in their life and there’s nothing wrong with that. Continue reading

I’ve got fibromyalgia, but what is that?

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Hi, I’m Imre and I’ve got fibromyalgia. Feels kinda weird to say that. Two days ago I got this diagnose and since then I’ve just been staring in the distance. I promised to keep you guys updated, yet I needed some time to figure out how to share this. Fibromyalgia is not a well known disease and even I haven’t completely figured it all out. That’s why I’m writing you a blogpost about this disease and how it affects me. Continue reading

What’s really behind that perfect insta life


I should have written this blogpost way sooner, yet I didn’t. Maybe because I wasn’t ready to admit yet how bad I’m actually doing. Maybe because I feared the reactions. Cause be honest, my life looks great on instagram. Truth is though that I’m so sick that my mum and I are even considering getting me hospitalised. In a hospital, in a clinic, just somewhere they can do what I can’t do anymore; taking care of myself. Continue reading